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Friday, January 14, 2022

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Ask the professor: “Do you have any tips for reading academic journals that use unfamiliar words?”

Struggling to read an academic paper that's full of jargon and difficult concepts? Use these tips to make your research go a little smoother.

To nap or not to nap? Take the quiz

Find out whether taking a nap will work for you or against you with this quiz.

Ask the doc: “What are some short- and long-term methods for reducing acne?”

Two things we all hope to leave behind in our teen years: 1) questionable fashion choices, and 2) acne. While most of us have found a style that works, acne can be harder to outgrow.

Students share how spirituality helps them navigate relationships, college, and tough times

Students share what spirituality means to them, and how their faith or religion has helped them through college.

Get moving with this quick 10-minute workout

This quick 10 minute workout is perfect for busy students who are short on time, need a quick study break, or simply feel sluggish.

3 festive mocktail recipes to liven up the holidays

Liven up your next holiday party with one of these fun and festive mocktail recipes.

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